Globe-Town: open data for sustainable development education

Jack Townsend, Andrea Prieto-Vega, Richard Gomer, Will Fyson, Dom Hobson and Huw Fryer

University of Southampton, and independent, Southampton, UK opens up the successes and the challenges of sustainable development around the world and what they mean for you, through a fun and informative web application built from open data. With it, you can explore the intersections, tensions and trade-offs between the 'three pillars' of sustainable development: the environment, the economy and society. In particular, Globe-Town shows how no one is isolated from the consequences of climate change in an interdependent world, and how responding to it presents a world of opportunities to inspire individuals and entrepreneurs. In order to tackle the big challenges of sustainability, people of all ages need to learn how they affect us personally and what we can do about them. Globe-Town does this by connecting the global with the local, so we can explore the risks, responsibilities and opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world. Globe-Town won a top three place at the first international #Apps4Climate competition, held by the World Bank and judged by the chair of the UNFCC, Christiana Figueres.




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