Knownodes - A collaborative project to explore, create and define links between online resources and ideas

Dor Garbash, Mikael Couzic, Liad Magen, Jesse Himmelstein, Alexandre Lejeune, Bruno Martin, Weipeng Kuang, Raphael goujet and Yann Leflour.

CRI - centre de recherche interdisciplinaire, University Paris Descartes, Citizen cyberlab, Paris, France

Knownodes is a collaborative website that enables anyone to relate, define and explore connections between web-resources and ideas. By providing the context of how resources are related, participants lower the energy barrier for understanding and collaboration around complex knowledge and concepts.

In knownodes, the connections between knowledge resources are centers for social interaction and combine together to generate a virtual network of knowledge resources, and user generated content such as ideas and open questions.

Knowledge could be made easier to access by providing context to the knowledge around us. As well as serving as a collaborative, peer-reviewed curative platform of learning resources, state-of-the-art open research questions, and rich media(video, image, text, animation, games)

The platform is open source, free and user-friendly. This proof of concept prototype demonstrates how anyone can easily create connections between wikipedia articles to learning resources and explore knowledge via a graph and list interface. We have also prototyped wikipedia api integration for easy retrieval of wikipedia articles. Next steps in our roadmap, is to apply a peer-review system, support for further apis for publications and OER and make information in the system available through a browser extension.

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