Veni Art After Technology. Putting cultural data to work in a Linked Data platform

Ricardo Alonso Maturana, María Ortega, María Elena Alvarado, Susana López-Sola and María José Ibáñez

GNOSS, Spain shows a case of consumption and use of Linked Data from museums and their valorisation in education, through innovative end-user applications, like facet-based searches, semantic context creation and navigation through graphs, which drastically improve user experience. The search engine enables aggregated searches by different facets and summarization of results for each successive search. The solution is built on GNOSS, a semantic and social software platform.

Our proposal consists of building a Museums Micro Cloud of Linked, Clean and Curated Data with an underlying Specialized and Unified Graph; and secondly, in connecting cultural and educational worlds in a knowledge ecosystem. This poses a particular problem of ontological engineering that we have addressed: the problem of building Hybrid Ontologies or extended ontologies..




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