Social VLE With Rich Structure Learning Data Using Semantic CMS

Abdulaziz Aldaej and Paul Krause

University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

After the arrival of the web in the 1990s, educational institutions started to maintain their learning materials within Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), as the Internet is a significant source of material for many students and teachers. However, there has been less development in the current VLEs in the past few years, which remain heavily centred on single institutions even though the web has been developing (e.g., web 2, web3). There is a clear need to integrate VLEs with the wider and social Web. In our research we have prototyped a simple VLE that makes use of and the Semantic Content Management System (SCMS) Drupal to provide a more open, social and linked learning environment. Essentially, we aim to use semantic web technology, basically Linked Data, to develop and enhance VLEs by improving the searching for the learning resources, supporting dynamic content composition for e-Learning services and integrating social networking and media. This paper will introduce and show the specification of our VLE that is still under development.




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